So often we define family by our blood related relatives that we either love to be around or try to avoid. Is this all that family can be? A recent search on the word gave me the thought that I was looking for.

Family is individuals who have special meaning. They are our foundation of support, personal cheer squad, teachers, counselors, and anything else we might need, even if we have to hear the hard truth. They comfort us and even put us in our place. (Kaylee Loofbourrow (accessed February 28, 2018)

At Copper Spring Solutions, we don’t hire employees, we hire team members who become family. A large majority of our team is comprised by individuals who we have been connected with for several years. Many of our new hires come as referrals from current team members.

At Copper Spring Solutions, we are interested in the relationships. We celebrate birthdays and milestones. We develop our team to be the best at what they do. If one team member is hurting, we all hurt. We rally around those team members to help them recover. The strong support of our group is therapy.

Come join our team and see how we are revolutionizing the drywall trade.